MAD Incubator will identify the awesome tech startups or individuals with great tech ideas from various states in Malaysia and will accept the recommendations from its partners and investors. Interview sessions will be scheduled with all these tech startups and individuals to understand their background and their product development stage. Finalists will be selected after the interview sessions. All finalists will be arranged to attend a pitching workshop where experienced and professional pitching coach and business coach will guide the finalists to enhance their pitching skills, as well as to improve their launching gimmick.

The finalists (tech startups) will launch their products / solutions and the individual at ideation stage will pitch their ideas during MAD TechVentures. All finalists (tech startups) are given an exhibition space to showcase their products / solutions for potential investors, potential collaborators and leads to view, test, feel and understand their products / solutions.

In MAD TechVentures, finalists from these categories will be encouraged to launch / pitch to investors:

(a) Community & Social Networks
• Any applications, software or platform that is employed to form a virtual community or social construction
(b) Business Enterprise Solutions
• Any scalable applications, software or set of computer programs that are employed by a business that would use it to assist the organization in solving enterprise problems.
(c) Creative Media
• Animation, games, creative content, mobile content, mobile apps, and e-Learning software.
(d) Mobile Communications
• Mobile applications, as well as solutions for Telco or Internet connection providers can be categorized under this category
(e) Cloud-Based Technology
• Solutions that are built over a network (typically the Internet) and allowed sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale.
(e) Hardware Technology
• Physical aspect of computers, telecommunications and other devices. It could be an innovation evolved or enhanced from an existing hardware.

Each finalist will be given six (6) minutes to launch/demonstrate, timing is strictly enforced, handouts, cards, demos or samples are allowed during or immediately after finalist’s launch/demo. The launch/demo is followed by four (4) minutes of Q&A by the panel of judges.