Demonstrator Application Procedures

- All technology submissions are welcomed from all startups.

- There are no fees to present.

- Applicants can refer their ideas to MAD Incubator, NINA-affiliated incubators or MAD TechVentures Partners or email to

- Applicants will be required to submit a 1- or 2-page Executive Summary outlining company, product, value proposition, management team and any other information that will be relevant to the demonstration.

- Upon receipt of the Executive Summary, MAD TechVentures will contact applicant for a review of the product. Applicant needs to get demo ready for review. All demo reviews will be conducted within 3 weeks of your submission.

- Applications will be subjected to 1 or 2 round(s) of review by a reviewer except those participants who have participated in the “Pitch and Qualify” session. Reviewers will decide based on the following:

  1. How innovative the product is?
  2. How good is the business execution?
  3. How likely is it that the product and company will succeed?

- Successful shortlisted applicants will be invited to present to the Reviewers Panel to determine the Finalists.

- Finalists will be selected by 19th November 2014. Announcement of finalists will be made 20th November 2014 via emails.

- The Finalists will then be invited to present at MAD TechVentures 2014 with their ready product for launching. Selected Finalists will be invited to showcase their products in the Exhibition area.