MAD TechVentures is a launch pad for Malaysia’s Top Tech Startups. It is a platform for Tech Startups to launch their products / solutions in front of the influential investors, powerful media members, and impactful industry leaders. MAD TechVentures was started in year 2010 with the objective to identify the top tech startups and provide them with a platform to launch their products / solutions to gain more exposure and eventually MAD Incubator will nurture them through MAD Incubator’s incubation programs.


Startups from the following industries are encouraged to pitch their ideas (ideation stage) or launch their products (commercialisation stage) in the MAD TechVentures:

  • Community & Social Networks
  • Business Enterprise Solutions
  • Creative Media
  • Mobile & Communications
  • Cloud-Based Technology
  • Hardware Technology


Each participating startups at Commercialisation Stage will need to launch and demonstrate its product / solution in order  to

(i)                 gain the attention from venture capitalists or angel investors,

(ii)               gain more publicity,

(iii)             awards from MAD TechVentures.


Each individual at Ideation Stage will need to pitch his / her idea to judges to

(i)                 obtain valuable industry feedback,

(ii)               gain the attention from venture capitalists or angel investors,


This is a perfect opportunity for startups to showcase their potential in front of their peers and potential investors who can participate the MAD TechVentures by invitation only.


MAD TechVentures is not all about the financial rewards but the recognition that startups can get from publicity and awareness about their technology ventures. MAD Incubator hopes that MAD TechVentures will be the premier platform to cultivate new ideas, promote innovation, identify new promising startups, create new technopreneurs and subsequently create world-class startups.